12. Healthy ERP / ERP Info

Healthy ERP is a new sub module introduced with ERP 2.9.3.x installation.

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It is available in System -> configuration -> ERP -> ERP Info

The goal of Healthy ERP is to guaranty and improve the good behaviour of ERP.

It’s a set of probes that checks :

  • ERP most common installation issues
  • Customer Order consideration by ERP
  • Product availability status sanity
  • Stock sanity

Each probe display as a result :

  •  a sanity status :

   -> Green : everything is ok

   -> Orange/Red : some problems are detected

  • A fix button, to automatically fixes these issues

1. Installation Issues

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System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info

ERP Version


  • Current ERP version
  • each Sub Module version (code files installed )(XML version)
  • each Sub Module version in database (SQL version)

If there is a difference, there is an installation issue

ERP Magento Integration

These 2 options are set by default a no when you install ERP or higher.

Enable ERP

The first option disable all erp functional link with magento. It is by default at No, and It will display in the top of the screen a notification.


Caution !! ERP is disabled - To activate it : System > configuration > ERP Info > ERP Magento integration > Enable ERP

Please note if you upgrade ERP, you have to enable it ASAP.


Why That feature ?

It is a protection to enable you to install ERP in a safer way than before.

After you install ERP for the first time, you have to check if :

  • there is no any conflict on main models (order, products, shipment, invoices ...)
  • there is not too much pending or processing orders (you can check that using the Order not yet considered probe)

It must reflect your current work load. It you have thousands of “pending” or “processing” order for years, you MUST complete or cancel them before activating ERP.

  • all simple products are “stock managed” and the other types not stock managed

Globally, follow this procedure very carefully :


Once everything is clean, you can activate ERP.

Disable ERP Magento cron - Use erpcron.php instead

See also

System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info > Disable ERP Magento Cron - Use Erp Cron instead -> Yes

This option will disable the execution of the most common planned cron task of ERP

  • “updateStocks” : (consider new orders)
  • “executeTasks” : (run backgrounds tasks)


 Why that feature ?

It is a new way to isolate ERP most important cron task from magento cron, that can be unsafe.

A script is provided for that /scripts/cron/erpcron.php

if you activate this option, you have to add a new task in you linux cron that run  it every minute.

SQL view status

ERP is provided with 4 SQL views, for supply need and Stock take module.

On some upgrade or database restore, there are some problem with these views.

like described here


The probe detect these problems and provide you button to fix them automatically.

If you have any issue, it is globally recommended to delete them




in database and to recreate them using the fix buttons

Check options

When ERP is installed, it modify automatically 2 options of Magento into System -> configuration -> CATALOG -> Inventory

This probe checks them and enable you to restore the valid values for a good ERP usage.

These option are mandatory to be set as required else ERP will deduct stock in double.

Check attributes

When ERP is installed, it create list of attribute and this probe check if they have been created.It check also the presence of some essential magento attribute to avodi any crash in ERP.

2. Order consideration

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System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info

Background Tasks status

Displays a background tasks summary and provide a button to execute directly the background task process to process them if you cron is blocked

Orders not yet considered by ERP

When the cron is blocked, the orders are not considered by ERP. If your cron have some slowness issues or is blocked for any technical reason.

This tool enable you to consider them directly.

Think to set an higher number in this option if you are blocked

See also

System -> configuration -> ERP -> Advanced Stock -> Cron -> Update order product stock max

Missing order reservations

Sometimes, some conflicts : especially on the sale order model or on the product model, or some database deadlock

make erp consider some order but failed to the warehouse assignment and the stock reservation.

This probe list them and enable you to fix these issues

3. Product availability status sanity

See also

System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info

Unconsistant Product Availability Status

Detect the difference of Availability status and Current Stock (Physical Qty) and provide a button to fix all them.

The most common cause if that the cron is late or if the stock has been update directly in database.

Missing Product Availability Status

ERP catch the stocks event on product. If you have no activity on some product, perhaps the product Availability Statuses has not been initialized.

This tool enable you to initialize all Missing Product Availability Statuses

4. Stock levels sanity

See also

System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info

Through magento, ERP detect each stock modification and generate a stock movement.

Normally, stock Quantity can be calculated doing the sum of stock movement for each warehouse.

Product stock qty different from the Sum of stock movements

When you edit the stock directly in database, some difference can appear.

This probe detects theses problems and gives you 2 solutions :

  • Fix the stock movement list assuming that the “Qty” in magento is valid
  • Fix the “Qty” in magento assuming that the sum of stock movement is valid

Product stock qty without any stock movements by warehouse

 When you create a product or import a product with a SQL import, this problem can arriveThis probe detects theses problems and you just to fix them using the button- Fix the stock movement list assuming that the “Qty” in magento is valid

Products with unconsistant waiting for delivery quantity

This happen when cron is late or blocked or when there was some deadlock on attribute update.

A button this fix is provided

Product with unconsistant quantity ordered

This happen when cron is late or blocked or when there was some deadlock on attribute update.

A button this fix is provided

Product with negative quantities

This probe list product with negatives quantities, which is forbidden in ERP, because it case bad calculations.A button this fix negative quantities is provided, it reset the quantity to zero creating a diff stock movement.

About negative quantities and how to avoid them :http://documentation.boostmyshop.com/embedded_erp/4_stock_management.html#about-negative-stocks-levels

5. Options

See also

System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info

The 2 first options enables you to choose what to display in ERP Info. Theses options has no performances impact, they just change the display of ERP Info.

Only advanced message give you the details of the products OR order impacted by the problems detected.


Basic NO and Advanced NO :


Basic YES and Advanced NO :


Basic YES and Advanced YES :


The option


Displays the ERP Info notifications in Magento notifications

Displays in  Magento notification section if they are some error detected by ERP Info with red message :

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ERP has detected %s issue(s). Please go into System > Configuration > ERP > ERP Info