11. Magento Client Computer

Magento Client Computer is windows platform Software designed to perform actions on your local network directly from the Magento interface such as printing document on your printer or copy file in a specific location.

To benefit of this feature, Magento Client Computer must be installed on a local computer.

For more details, please check :


1. Prerequisites

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 / 9
  • Default printer installed on the computer
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (can be download for free on microsoft website)

2. Installation

Magento Client Computer Setup program is available in Embedded ERP archive. Simply launch MagentoClientComputerSetup.exe and follow instructions.

For more advanced installation details, please go to :


3. Magento settings

Settings are available using menu System > Configuration > Magento Client Computer.

Setting Description
Exchange directory Server directory used to store files (text, pdf ...) download by the windows software. Php must be able to write / read this directory. Caution : you must fill ABSOLUTE directory path (ie : /home/mywebsite/mydirectory)
Password Magento Client Computer software uses web services to download documents from the server. For security purposes, it requires a password to download documents. This password must match the one set in Magento Client Computer settings file.

4. Software configuration

To set up MagentoClientComputer, edit pref.xml file (located in program directory : C:program filesmaison du Magento Client Computer)

You can edit pref.xml using notepad.

To fill a parameter, simply edit ” value ” attribute. To edit setting, type the value in zone value=’’

5. How to use

Once Magento Client Computer is launch, a new magento icon is displayed in the system tray (in the bottom right corner).

To display main dialog, double click on the Magento icon :


6. Test it

Once Magento Client Computer is installed and configured, follow this steps :

  • Launch Magento Client Computer
  • Double click on the magento icon in the system tray (near the windows clock)
  • Go back in magento admin panel, select menus ERP > Order preparation > Prepare orders
  • Click on “Print picking list” button

If everything works fine, your printer should have print the picking list.