5. FAQ

1. Test review for admin

2. Only one product on Review form

I get only one product review on the frontend form, however my configuration look like good, how to handle ?

1 -  Check again your configuration, if you want to review only parent products apply this settings :

  • Allow review for parents: Yes
  • Allow review for children: No
  • Product visibility: Catalog + Search

2 -  Make sure that the website is selected, in section allow website, select or multi-select the website, then click on “Save”

3 - At last,if you still get only one products, there may be a insert table issue, follow this steps :

Run this query in your database SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE ‘%easy%’; Then look at the row     easyreview/product/visibility If you get this kind of value :    ,1,2,3      remove the fist coma to get :   1,2,3