4. How to use it

1. How to customize the email wording

Here are the steps to customize the email template

Go to System > Transactional emails

Click on “Add a new template” button

Select the template “Easy review notification”, then select your language from the dropdown list

Add a template name, template subject, then copy/paste the original text from the US email

Now, modify the contents, and click on “Save template” button to apply the changes.

2. How to setup the email delay

To program the reminder mail delay for example send email every satursday follow this steps:

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Go into app/code/community/MDN/EasyReview/etc/config.xml

at ligne 176 change the instruction : 30 16 * * * to * * * * 6 Now email will be send (if the configuration allow it : start order from X) every saturday ( the day number 6 )

3. Notification calculation

Go on configuration page,



Select a website and save the configuration page before to click on “Run now” button.

Notification process

  • Get all the order with a “Created date” higher than the “Consider only orders after” option
  • Filter by orders with status “Complete” and by “Send email after” delay
  • Check if the order is not already notified, unless avoid it and check the next
  • Filter by “Enable for websites”


If any website are selected it will take all websites!