3. Configuration

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  • Enable: If set to yes, a reminder will be sent every night according to the other settings (Caution :Magento cron must be allowed on your server !)
  • Email send: Identity to use to send emails
  • Email template:   Email template to use
  • Send email after: Number of days from the shipment order date to the reminding email
  • Consider only orders after: To avoid to remind very old orders, you can set a limit date
  • Run now : Manually run reminder email sender
  • Enable for customer group: Select which customer group have to be notified
  • Enable for websites : Select it to notify the customers by websites (you can choose multiple sites)

Product to review


This tab is used to define which products can be reviewed. Here the list of settings :

  • All reviews for parent products (configurable, bundle): If set to yes, you will be able to review the parent product like “Tee Shirt”
  • All reviews for child products: If set to yes you will be able to review the sub products like “Tee Shirt - M”
  • Visibility must be : Apply a filter by allowing only products with the selected “visibilty”. You can multiple select the options with ctrl + click