2. Installation

Before uploading files, enable Magento caches (System - Cache Management), this will prevent Magento to try to install extension before all files are uploaded. If you have any : APC cache, Memcache, Rediscache, please disabled them. Also, if Magento’s compilation (System - Tools - Compilation) is enabled, please disabled it.

1. Upload

You just need to upload the extension file structure to your server on the same file structure provided by Magento. No code files will be erase.

All the code files will be available into app/code/community/MDN.Once all files are uploaded, please follow this steps to make sure it is well installed:

  • Refresh caches (System - Cache Management).
  • Logout and login yourself from Magento’s back office.

If you don’t get any error message at this stage, go to the next step to configure your extension ! If you want to disabled the extension Edit MDN_EasyReview.xml in app/code/etc/modules. Change True by False. Refresh caches (System - Cache Management).