1. Overview

Reviews in product sheet are an important factor for visitor to take the purchase decision : they prove that your services are the best and also that the product is the one they need.

However, a very few customers take time to write reviews, especially if everything went fine.

Easy review extension is designed to automatically remind customer to write a review but also make it easier : an email is automatically sent X days after order shipment and contains a link that will automatically log in the customer : he doesnt need to retrieve it’s login / password and he is redirected to a single page where he can write reviews for all purchased products.

Automatic reminder

You can define parameters for the automatic reminder : set a date from which reminder can be sent (to not remind very old orders), select the time frame between order is shipped and reminder is sent.

According to your settings, emails are automatically sent every nights.

And of course, are our extension is developped according to Magento best practices, you can customize email templates.


Super easy review write

When customer receives reminder email, no need for him to retrieve his login information : a simple link automatically redirect him on your website, automatically log in the customer and display a single page with all order’s product. Then, your customer just have to write his reviews and submit them.