6. Dropship Workflow

This document explains the workflow to dropship a product, from configuration to order sent to supplier.

Dropshippable products

You must configure the system to setup the conditions to fill to make a product “dropshippable”.

The first condition for a product to be dropshippable is to be linked to one or several suppliers. You can associate a product to a supplier from the ERP product view, using the “suppliers” tab. You can also mass create association using ERP Profiles : import product / supplier association.

Next, you can setup the conditions that make a product dropshippable. This can be setup in System > Configuration > DropShipping > Miscellaneous :

  • Check supplier stock : if enabled, you will not be able to dropship a product if at least ONE supplier has stock. Stock can be defined in the product / supplier association
  • Require drop ship: if enabled, you will not be able to dropship a product if at least ONE supplier has the “Dropship” flag enabled in product / supplier association.
  • Display orders with stock : if the product in the sales order is in stock in your warehouse, ERP will automatically reserve the product to this order; If you disable “Display orders with stock”, the product will not be dropshippable if it is reserved in the stock.

If all your products are dropshippable, set  these 2 settings to NO

Dropshippable orders

The main dropshipping screen (in ERP > Purchase DropShipping) displays orders having at least one product that can be dropshipped (that fulfill conditions in the previous section).

It is possible to setup conditions on the order statuses that can be dropshipped. This can be set in system > configuration > DropShipping > Drop shippable orders > Display orders with statuses.

After order is placed

When a sales order is placed in the system, if the order fulfill previous conditions and products also, the order is displayed in the main DropShip screen : ERP > Purchasing > Drop shipping > Drop shippable tab.

For each order are displayed only the products that can be dropshipped. Other products (in stock or shipped) are displayed for information only.

For each product in this screen, you can choose 3 actions :

  • Send drop ship request
  • Dropship
  • Create PO

if you want to process an action on a product, you have to select the supplier in the first drop down menu, and the action in the second drop down menu.

Once you have done the selection, click on the “Process” button to apply

Dropshipping basics

When you process a dropship using our extension, the system execute several tasks :

  • It create a purchase order with the products you have selected for the sales order
  • It confirm the purchase order delivery (stock movements increase stocks)
  • It creates the order shipment with the products you have selected for the sales order (stock movements decrease stocks)
  • It send an email to your supplier with the purchase order PDF and also with the shipment packing slip
  • Order is moved in “pending tracking number” tab in drop shipping screen

Workflow “I need a confirmation from my supplier”

If you are not sure that your supplier can apply the drop ship, you may want to send him a first “request” email to make sure that he has the product in stock. Then, when you get the confirmation, you can confirm the drop ship.

To do so :

  • For the wanted products in “Dropshippable” tab, select the supplier in the first drop down menu and select “Dropship request” in the action drop down menu. Then, click on “process” button
  • An email is then sent to your supplier and the order is moved into the “Pending supplier response” tab
  • If supplier replies that he can not process the request, go in “pending supplier response” tab, and select “cancel” for the orders that cant be drop shipped. Then click on the “process” button : order goes back into the “Dropshippable” tab
  • If supplier confirms that he can process the drop ship, go in the “Pending supplier response” tab and select “confirm” for the products. The drop ship is then processed as described above.

Workflow “Process drop ship, i’m sure”

From the “dropshippable” tab, select supplier and “Dropship” action for the product, then click on process.

Workflow “Supplier send the tracking by email”

If supplier sends the parcel tracking number afterward, you can fill it in tab “Pending tracking number”. Then, click on the “process” button : it will store tracking number in the order.