5. Import stock file errors

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Go tor ERP > Purchasing > Suppliers  select the supplier and click on the tab Stock / Price import

Once the configuration is done and saved, click on the button « Process ».

If the import has been successfully performed you will see in the log tab the message with the description of import and the execution time of it.


Don’t close the page while performing the import, or you will loose it.

Supplier stock

If you have multiple supplier stock to import

You must create a supplier warehouse in ERP by SUPPLIER and allow them for sales in Warehouse assignment


TIPS : Only If all you supplier that you want to import has 0 product in common, you can create only 1 warehouse for all the supplier import.

Some known issues

  • for 125 products the module spend 20 seconds, if you get a white page ERROR max execution time exceed, this mean that your import file is bigger, you must cut it in different part (of each 125 product for example).
  • I get the error : Bad extension, only txt, csv, doc are accepted! /home/usr/stock.docx is deprecated. This mean that the import file doesn’t contain the allowed extension in the configuration : system > configuration > ERP > dropshipping > Drop ship File import settings . Add the allowed extension separated by a comma.
  • I get the error : error when trying to create the directory : /home/user/var/supplier_files/9. This mean that the FTP account do not have the enough rights to create a folder for importation. Contact your supplier to get an other account or the given right.
  • I get the error : Error when trying to download the file: stockk.csv at /home/usr/media/stockk.csv .This mean that the name of the import file or/and the path are wrong. You must fix this in the FTP configuration.
  • If you have foreign sku in the import file, you will not get errors but you can view how many unknown products has been found in the log of the import.
  • SQLSTATE[21S01]: Insert value list does not match column list: 1136 Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1  : it means you probably have commas instead of dots for decimals. Replace all commas with dots.