3. Configuration

Drop Shipping

To configure the extension, select menu System > Configuration, and then ERP > Drop Shipping.


In this panel, you can see what’s your actual version of Drop Shipping.



To check if your version is up to date, go to System > Config, and then My BMS > My Extensions

Tabs to display

In this panel, you can choose which tabs will be displayed in the Drop Shipping main screen (ERP > Purchasing > Drop Shipping).

Field Value
Display pending supplier response Orders which are waiting for the supplier response about possibility or not to drop ship the products
Display pending price response Orders which are waiting for a price request to the supplier
Display Shipping Confirmation Orders which are waiting for a supplier shipping confirmation
Display drop shipped history History of all successful drop ships

Available actions for Drop Shippable tab

In this panel, you can choose available actions for orders displayed in the “Drop Shippable” tab.

Field Value
Create purchase order Create a purchase order containing all ordered items
Price request Send an email to suppliers associated with ordered items, to ask them for items prices
Drop ship Ask the supplier to do a drop ship
Drop ship request Send a drop ship request email to the supplier, containing ordered items list. Once the request has been validated by the supplier, you can process to the drop ship

Price response confirmation

In this panel, you can choose the next action to do after price’s confirmation, in the case where supplier price request is activated.


Action : Select the next action to do after price’s confirmation, between these 2 :

Field Value
Drop ship request Send a drop ship request to the supplier to manage the shipment
Drop ship Ask the supplier to do the drop ship without waiting any confirmation from him

Drop shippable orders

An order is selected as drop shippable if it’s considered by ERP and if order’s products have at least one association with a supplier.

In this panel, you can add several filters for the selection of drop shippable orders.

Field Value
Allow drop ship only for these order statuses Select order status(es) that will be displayed in the drop shippable tab (Hold CTRL to select multiple statuses)
Allow Drop ship if product is in stock in your warehouses Allow to drop ship orders even if you already have ordered items in stock
Require drop shippable Allow drop ship only for products having the “drop ship” option set to yes in the supplier / product association (ERP view of a product > Suppliers tab)
Allow Drop ship only for ERP Valid Orders Only orders with a valid status will be able to be Drop shipped
Check supplier stock Allow drop ship a product only if its supplier’s stock quantity is greater than zero
Default drop ship Mode Defines the default drop ship action for new drop ship order
Error email report Email address you want to use to get logs from Drop Shipping import errors

Drop shippable Router

This system replace the logic of Drop shippable orders : The only orders that will be drop shippable will be the ones reserved in the drop shippable warehouse

Field Value
Enable drop shippable router Enable/Disable the Drop Shipping router system
Default drop ship warehouse Select the warehouse used for Drop ships orders


In this panel, you can set additional options to apply to drop ship orders.

Field Value
Display customer order options in the PDF sent to supplier If there are some order options, display them in the PDF sent to supplier
Display shipping address in tabs Displays customer shipping address for each order in the Drop Shippable tab
Display comments text-area Displays a comments text-area for each ordered product in the Drop Shippable tab
Create invoice on drop ship Automatically create an invoice anytime you process to a Drop ship
Notify customer on drop ship Send an email to the customer when his order has been Drop shipped

Automatic submit drop shippable orders

In Drop Shipping, drop shippable orders can be submitted automatically. This panel contains options to set this automatic process.

Field Value
Enable Enable/Disable automatic submit of drop shippable orders
Mode Select the action executed by the automatic process. You can choose between all the Available actions for Drop Shippable tab
Best supplier selection Select a rule to choose which supplier will be selected in priority to process to Drop ships
Exclude too expensive supplier Exclude from the supplier selection the ones having a purchase price higher than the ordered items sell price without taxes
Exclude supplier without stock Suppliers with no stock are excluded from the supplier selection

Drop Shipping File import settings

In this panel, you can set options for supplier stock import in Drop Shipping.

Field Value
Allowed file extensions Set all the accepted extensions for import files. You must separate them with a coma
Prune logs delay Set the lifetime of the logs (in days). After that delay, they will be deleted
Imports will re-init cost and stock to zero of all products of this supplier before to use the new data of the import When doing a supplier stock import, all the products having an association product-supplier with this supplier will have their stock and cost reset to zero to avoid keeping old data (for example if some products are missing in the imported file)
Stock import will be done using ERP background tasks for warehouse stock update If you need to import a big supplier stock file, use this setting to do the stock update using cron system

Drop ship request email

In this panel, you can set options for drop ship request emails sent to suppliers.

Field Value
Email Sender Email account from where drop ship requests emails will be sent
Email Template for drop ship request Default template for drop ship request emails
Email Template for direct dropship Default template for direct drop ship emails
Copy To Email address that will receive a copy of all drop ship request emails. Leave blank if you don’t need it
Disable supplier notification Disable or not the supplier notification when a request email is sent
Attach PO PDF Attach or not Purchase Order PDF to drop ship request emails
Attach packing slip Attach or not packing slip to drop ship request emails

Price request Email

In this panel, you can set options for prices request emails sent to suppliers.

Field Value
Email Sender Email account used to send prices request emails
Email Template Default template for prices request emails
Copy To Email address that will receive a copy of all prices request emails. Leave blank if you don’t need it

Drop shippable carriers

In this panel, you can add extra carriers not defined yet in your Magento, in order to use them with Drop Shipping.

Field Value
Additionnal carrier list List containing additionnal carriers for tracking import, in case of the shipping company is not part of your shipping methods. Carrier names must be separated by a ,.
Email Template Default template for prices request emails
Display only active carriers Ability or not to select disabled carriers for the tracking import


This part of documentation is related to the Drop Shipping configuration at supplier level.

In fact, DropShipping extension is adding 3 tabs in Suppliers configuration :

In order to see these tabs, go to ERP > Purchasing > Suppliers and select a supplier.

Drop Shipping tab


This tab is available at ERP > Purchasing > Suppliers > [Select a supplier] > Drop Shipping

Supplier notification

Field Value
Communication mode Set the way you want to communicate with the supplier (only email mode available for the moment)
Packing slip file format Set the format of the packing slip file that will be attached
Default shipping fees Set the default price for the shipment
Apply shipping fees per item Apply the shipping fees for each item. Total of shipping fees will be : [shipping fees for 1 product] x [products count]
Preferred method for this supplier Select the default mode for this supplier auto drop ships
Stock steps for auto import Fast up the stock import (if the supplier exact products quantity is not really important for you)


Here is an example for the Stock steps for auto import with a setting “by 10” :

  • If the supplier provide a stock of 18, your stock will be 10, as the stock step is set “by 10”.
  • If the supplier provide a stock of 45, your stock will be updated to 40.

CSV file template

If you set the packing slip in CSV format, this configuration section will help you to set the CSV scheme.

Field Value
Order row Scheme of orders rows in CSV
Order items now Scheme of ordered products rows in CSV
CSV Preview CSV preview regarding current settings for Order row and Order items now
Available codes All available codes allowed in Order row and Order items now with an example for each one (data retrieved from last shipment registred in Magento)

Here is a list of all Available codes :

Shipment Order (1/3) Order (2/3) Order (3/3) Order_item Customer Billing Payment (1/2) Payment (2/2)
shipment.entity_id order.entity_id order.store_to_base_rate order.customer_firstname order_item.entity_id customer.entity_id billing_address.entity_id payment.entity_id payment.echeck_account_name
shipment.store_id order.state order.store_to_order_rate order.customer_lastname order_item.parent_id customer.entity_type_id billing_address.parent_id payment.parent_id payment.cc_avs_status
shipment.total_weight order.status order.subtotal order.customer_middlename order_item.row_total customer.attribute_set_id billing_address.customer_address_id payment.base_shipping_captured payment.cc_number_enc
shipment.total_qty order.coupon_code order.subtotal_canceled order.customer_prefix order_item.price customer.website_id billing_address.quote_address_id payment.shipping_captured payment.cc_trans_id
shipment.email_sent order.protect_code order.subtotal_invoiced order.customer_suffix order_item.weight customer.email billing_address.region_id payment.amount_refunded payment.flo2cash_account_id
shipment.order_id order.shipping_description order.subtotal_refunded order.customer_taxvat order_item.qty customer.group_id billing_address.customer_id payment.base_amount_paid payment.paybox_request_number
shipment.customer_id order.is_virtual order.tax_amount order.ext_customer_id order_item.product_id customer.increment_id billing_address.fax payment.amount_canceled payment.address_status
shipment.shipping_address_id order.store_id order.tax_canceled order.ext_order_id order_item.order_item_id customer.store_id billing_address.region payment.base_amount_authorized payment.amount
shipment.billing_address_id order.customer_id order.tax_invoiced order.global_currency_code order_item.additional_data customer.created_at billing_address.postcode payment.base_amount_paid_online payment.cc_raw_request
shipment.shipment_status order.base_discount_amount order.tax_refunded order.hold_before_state order_item.description customer.updated_at billing_address.lastname payment.base_amount_refunded_online payment.cc_raw_response
shipment.increment_id order.base_discount_canceled order.total_canceled order.hold_before_status order_item.name customer.is_active billing_address.street payment.base_shipping_amount payment.customer_payment_id
shipment.created_at order.base_discount_invoiced order.total_invoiced order.order_currency_code order_item.sku customer.disable_auto_group_change billing_address.city payment.shipping_amount  
shipment.updated_at order.base_discount_refunded order.total_offline_refunded order.original_increment_id order_item.product.entity_id customer.firstname billing_address.email payment.amount_paid  
shipment.packages order.base_grand_total order.total_online_refunded order.relation_child_id order_item.product.entity_type_id customer.lastname billing_address.telephone payment.amount_authorized  
shipment.shipping_label order.base_shipping_amount order.total_paid order.relation_child_real_id order_item.product.attribute_set_id customer.middlename billing_address.country_id payment.base_amount_ordered  
shipping_address.entity_id order.base_shipping_canceled order.total_qty_ordered order.relation_parent_id order_item.product.type_id customer.prefix billing_address.firstname payment.base_shipping_refunded  
shipping_address.parent_id order.base_shipping_invoiced order.total_refunded order.relation_parent_real_id order_item.product.sku customer.suffix billing_address.address_type payment.shipping_refunded  
shipping_address.customer_address_id order.base_shipping_refunded order.can_ship_partially order.remote_ip order_item.product.created_at customer.password_hash billing_address.prefix payment.base_amount_refunded  
shipping_address.quote_address_id order.base_shipping_tax_amount order.can_ship_partially_item order.shipping_method order_item.product.updated_at customer.taxvat billing_address.middlename payment.amount_ordered  
shipping_address.region_id order.base_shipping_tax_refunded order.customer_is_guest order.store_currency_code order_item.product.has_options customer.default_billing billing_address.suffix payment.base_amount_canceled  
shipping_address.customer_id order.base_subtotal order.customer_note_notify order.store_name order_item.product.required_options customer.default_shipping billing_address.company payment.ideal_transaction_checked  
shipping_address.fax order.base_subtotal_canceled order.billing_address_id order.x_forwarded_for order_item.product.exclude_from_supply_needs   billing_address.address_id payment.quote_payment_id  
shipping_address.region order.base_subtotal_invoiced order.customer_group_id order.customer_note order_item.product.weight   billing_address.gift_message_id payment.additional_data  
shipping_address.postcode order.base_subtotal_refunded order.edit_increment order.created_at order_item.product.price   billing_address.tax_id payment.cc_exp_month  
shipping_address.lastname order.base_tax_amount order.email_sent order.updated_at order_item.product.name   billing_address.vat_id payment.cc_ss_start_year  
shipping_address.street order.base_tax_canceled order.forced_shipment_with_invoice order.total_item_count order_item.product.url_key   billing_address.vat_is_valid payment.echeck_bank_name  
shipping_address.city order.base_tax_invoiced order.gift_message_id order.customer_gender order_item.product.gift_message_available   billing_address.vat_request_id payment.method  
shipping_address.email order.base_tax_refunded order.payment_auth_expiration order.base_custbalance_amount order_item.product.max_resolution   billing_address.vat_request_date payment.cc_debug_request_body  
shipping_address.telephone order.base_to_global_rate order.paypal_ipn_customer_notified order.currency_base_id order_item.product.response_time   billing_address.vat_request_success payment.cc_secure_verify  
shipping_address.country_id order.base_to_order_rate order.quote_address_id order.currency_code order_item.product.meta_title     payment.cybersource_token  
shipping_address.firstname order.base_total_canceled order.quote_id order.currency_rate order_item.product.meta_description     payment.ideal_issuer_title  
shipping_address.address_type order.base_total_invoiced order.shipping_address_id order.custbalance_amount order_item.product.thumbnail     payment.protection_eligibility  
shipping_address.prefix order.base_total_invoiced_cost order.adjustment_negative order.is_hold order_item.product.small_image     payment.cc_approval  
shipping_address.middlename order.base_total_offline_refunded order.adjustment_positive order.is_multi_payment order_item.product.image     payment.cc_last4  
shipping_address.suffix order.base_total_online_refunded order.base_adjustment_negative order.real_order_id order_item.product.custom_design     payment.cc_status_description  
shipping_address.company order.base_total_paid order.base_adjustment_positive order.tax_percent order_item.product.options_container     payment.echeck_type  
shipping_address.address_id order.base_total_qty_ordered order.base_shipping_discount_amount order.tracking_numbers order_item.product.url_path     payment.paybox_question_number  
shipping_address.gift_message_id order.base_total_refunded order.base_subtotal_incl_tax order.hidden_tax_amount order_item.product.screensize     payment.cc_debug_response_serialized  
shipping_address.tax_id order.discount_amount order.base_total_due order.base_hidden_tax_amount order_item.product.meta_keyword     payment.cc_ss_start_month  
shipping_address.vat_id order.discount_canceled order.payment_authorization_amount order.shipping_hidden_tax_amount order_item.product.description     payment.echeck_account_type  
shipping_address.vat_is_valid order.discount_invoiced order.shipping_discount_amount order.base_shipping_hidden_tax_amnt order_item.product.short_description     payment.last_trans_id  
shipping_address.vat_request_id order.discount_refunded order.subtotal_incl_tax order.hidden_tax_invoiced order_item.product.custom_layout_update     payment.cc_cid_status  
shipping_address.vat_request_date order.grand_total order.total_due order.base_hidden_tax_invoiced order_item.product.status     payment.cc_owner  
shipping_address.vat_request_success order.shipping_amount order.weight order.hidden_tax_refunded order_item.product.tax_class_id     payment.cc_type  
  order.shipping_canceled order.customer_dob order.base_hidden_tax_refunded order_item.product.visibility     payment.ideal_issuer_id  
  order.shipping_invoiced order.increment_id order.shipping_incl_tax order_item.product.manufacturer     payment.po_number  
  order.shipping_refunded order.applied_rule_ids order.base_shipping_incl_tax order_item.product.contrast_ratio     payment.cc_exp_year  
  order.shipping_tax_amount order.base_currency_code order.stocks_updated order_item.product.ordered_qty     payment.cc_status  
  order.shipping_tax_refunded order.discount_description order.fullstock_date order_item.product.reserved_qty     payment.echeck_routing_number  
  order.anounced_date order.payment_validated order.estimated_shipping_date order_item.product.group_price_changed     payment.account_status  
  order.anounced_date_max order.is_valid   order_item.product.tier_price_changed     payment.anet_trans_method  
  order.payment_authorization_expiration order.coupon_rule_name   order_item.product.is_in_stock     payment.cc_debug_response_body  
  order.forced_do_shipment_with_invoice order.base_shipping_hidden_tax_amount   order_item.product.is_salable     payment.cc_ss_issue  

Stock Price import tab


This tab is available at ERP > Purchasing > Suppliers > [Select a supplier] > Stock / Price import

You’ll find there all settings related to suppliers stock and prices import.

Import mode

There are currently 2 ways to proceed this import :
  • Automatically (using your supplier stock & prices file, directly downloaded from his FTP server)
  • Manually (uploading from your computer a file containing all supplier prices and stock)

Automatic import mode : FTP Import

This is the easiest way to regulary import supplier Stock & Price files, as this import can be automatically executed using the cron system (enabling the option “Enable cron” in the Enable automatic import section of this tab).

All you have to do is to fill all “FTP Account” section fields (don’t forget the “File Path” one, indicating in this field the path of the Stock & Price file on the supplier server.


Manual import mode : File Import

This workaround way allow you to process to the import using a local file uplaoded from your computer. This feature is accessible from the Test file import section.

CSV file format

In order to make both manual and automatic imports work, you need to set the Csv file settings section.

Field Value
Field Separator Set the separator used in your CSV file
Field Delimiter Set the delimiter used in your CSV file
Skip First Line Set this option to Yes if your CSV file contains an header
Sku Column index Set there the index of column SKU in the CSV file
Quantity Column index Set there the index of column Quantity in the CSV file
Unit Cost Price Column index Set there the index of column Cost Price in the CSV file
Product matching method Set if SKU in the CSV file are supplier SKU or your Magento SKU

Then, you need to ensure following these rules in the CSV file :

  • Keep only one product information per line
  • Each product line must contain : SKU, Quantity and Cost Price, following the scheme previously defined in the Csv file settings section.


If you don’t have Cost Prices and want to process imports anyway, here is the modification to do to allow imports with only SKU and QTY information for all Drop Shipping versions lower than v.1.8.5 :

  • Open app/code/community/MDN/DropShipping/Helper/SupplierStockImport.php
  • Around line 164, you’ll find :
<?php if (count($tFields) > 2) {

Replace it by :

<?php if (count($tFields) >= 2) {
  • SKU, QTY and Cost Prices must be separated between each other by a single Field separator.


There must be no Field separator at the end of each line.


Let’s take the following file as example, with all SKU being your Magento SKU :

SKU;QTY;Cost Price

With a file formatted like this, your Csv file settings section should be set as following :

Field Value
Field Separator ;
Field Delimiter
Skip First Line Yes
Sku Column index 1
Quantity Column index 2
Unit Cost Price Column index 3
Product matching method sku

The reason we skip the first line is because we have a header (SKU;QTY;Cost Price), so we don’t want it to be read during the import.

If you want to use supplier SKU instead of your Magento SKU, change the option Product matching method in the Csv file settings section.


It’s not possible to import a file containing both Magento and supplier SKU.

Process the import

When the Csv file settings section has been correctly set, you’ll be able to process imports.

Before processing Manual or Automatic import, choose a target warehouse (depending on where you want the products to be imported) in the Miscellaneous section.


Note : The target warehouse can’t be the default warehouse. You’ll have to create a new dedicated warehouse for each of your suppliers, to import their stock in.

Then, click on Choisissez un fichier and select the file to import to start the import clicking on Process.


You can check the result of imports going into the Stock file import Log tab

Stock file import Log tab


This tab is available at ERP > Purchasing > Suppliers > [Select a supplier] > Stock file import Log

You’ll find there all the logs of previous suppliers imports.


When an import is performed, you are automatically redirected to this screen.

You are then able to check the result of the last export you did, making it easy for you in case of error to find what was wrong with the file you just imported.


You can quickly have a look at the imported file by clicking on Download file.

Logs are not permanent, they are deleted after the Prune logs delay defined in the Drop Shipping configuration