1. Overview


This plugin requires Embedded ERP to work.

Dropshipping is an Embedded ERP plugin which help you to easily and fastly do drop ships.

It’s composed by many features, which main’s are :

Drop-ship Management

  • Price request : Send a product’s price request to suppliers to get the best offer possible.
  • Drop-ship request : If you are not sure about some supplier’s information, send a drop-ship request to your supplier with all required information to get a quote, that you can confirm or cancel later.
  • Drop-ship confirmation : Once supplier has accepted your drop-ship request, you can confirm it, and then follow the drop-ship progress status.
  • Tracking number : Once the shipping has been confirmed, fill in the tracking number and inform your client of the drop-ship progress status, by e-mail.

Suppliers Management

The plugin provides all the features needed to efficiently manage drop-ship orders :

  • Suppliers database : Contains all suppliers information (address, e-mail, shipping fees, integration mode).
  • Suppliers assignation : Choose which supplier link to each product, with the possibility to link multiple suppliers to a same product.
  • Suppliers configuration : Configure the supplier’s information for each product : reference, stock quantity, supply delay (...)
  • Suppliers automatic import : Option for automatic import of supplier’s catalog to update prices and available quantities for each product (working with supplier’s FTP account).

Designed for e-commerce

  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports single or multiple suppliers per order
  • Supports multiple suppliers per product
  • Automatic import of stock quantity and price from suppliers
  • Supports PDF and custom CSV file for drop-ship notification to suppliers