8. Form front

There are 2 entry points accessible from the public website :

  1. A form in the customer account to open a new ticket :

-> from “My Tickets” entry in the “My Account” tabs

-> then the user can click on the button “Open a ticket” (Please note this can be disabled using configuration)

  1. A form in Magento ‘s “contacts” page

-> accessible from the main website using this page : http://yoursite.com/contacts

When a customer post on one of these form.

The manager affected to the ticket will be notified by email.

The manager is affected depending of the rule defined in CRM -> Tools > Form management > Manager affectation

Else the manager by default will be affected (configurable in System > Configuration > Crm Express > ticket > > manager affectation > default)

Please note managers are Magento back office users

1. Form from customer account

Once the customer is logged in, there is a new entry called “My Tickets” The customer can :

-view the list of existing tickets :

  • read the messages history. The message history is a single view screen with the details of the opened ticket
  • create a new ticket

nb : there feature is optional using System > Configuration > CRM Express > Ticket > Front > Allow new ticket request

  • answer to an existing open ticket. (the customer can’t answer again if the ticket is resolved or closed ).

Please note that the form to answer to the is at the bottom of the message history


2. Form from contacts page

On Magento’s “contacts us” page, CRM express update the form to enable user user to create a new ticketThe message form appear after the customer selects

  • a category
  • a sub category

In CrmTicket version 1.2, you must at least have a sub category for each root category to make that work properly.

Ex :


Please note you can route the tickets using the category matrix in CRM -> Tools -> Form management

3. Disable rewrite of the contact form

Edit the file :

See also


comment completely the section


From line 196 to 218

Then refresh magento caches