5. All and My Tickets

Please note that “My Ticket” grid  is the same as the “All ticket” grid, but is natively filtered for the current Magento user.

1. Main usage

This is the main entry point of the module : this grid displays all the tickets depending of the current filter.

See also

This grid is available in CRM > All tickets


If you want to filter only the tickets that are affected to you, you can use the grid “My Ticket”.

To open ticket in a new tab, you can click on the Ticket Id link, else if you click on the line, the ticket will be opened in the same windows.

You can preview the ticket last message in the subject column, if you click on “+” (Option available in System -> configuration -> CRM -> Ticket -> Ticket grid options -> Show messages preview Popup)

The object column contain the object affected to the ticket. Usually it’s an Order, an Invoice or a CreditMemo.  If you have linked the ticket to an abject you get a direct link to this Object in Magento

The categories column reflect categories defined in CRM > Tools > Ticket management > Category. You can filter by category. If you select a category that have sub categories, they will be included in the search.

The “Nb Msgs” columns display the number of messages in the thread. The number is displayed in red if there is not at least one admin answer.

The quick action column will be detailed in the “Quick actions” section of the chapter.

2. Configuration

You can configure

  • the grid columns in

System > Configuration > CRM > Ticket grid option

  • The quick actions’s default replies into

CRM > Tools > Ticket management > Default reply.

3. Quick Actions

In the last column of the ticket grid, you have a list of quick actions :

Quick actions predefined :

  • Close : change the ticket status to “closed” -> the customer will not be able to answer again to the ticket.
  • Re-open : When a ticket is “Closed” : change back the ticket status to “waiting for admin”.
  • Assign to : assign the ticket to the selected user.

Quick reply :

Quick replies are predefined and configurable messages. They will directly send the quick reply text to the customer email, including the email account signature. The ticket will also change of status to “Waiting for customer”.

Quick replies are configurable in “CRM -> Tools -> ticket management -> default reply”. To activate a default reply, you have to define a quick reply shortname.

Specific Quick actions :

Depending of the object of the ticket, some custom quick actions can appear :

  • If the Object is an Invoice , a quick action “Send Invoice”, will directly send the Order invoices by email to the customer email.
  • Specific quick actions can be dynamically added in the code in app/code/community/MDN/CrmTicket/Model/QuickAction
  • But this require php coding knowledge

4. Status Filters

By default, the grid has 2 status selected :

  • ‘waiting for admin’
  • ‘new’

The goal of this setting is to display the tickets to proceed.

The status selected by default are customizable in the configuration at

Crm > Ticket > general > Default status for the “All tickets” grid

5. Other Grids

There are 2 others view grid :

  • the customer tickets list in the customer back office sheet :
  • the order tickets list in the order back office sheet :