1. Overview

1. Product description

CRM Email enables you to centralize the communication with your customers in a single back office highly configurable tool.

CRM Email aggregates the requests from your emails and your Magento website contacts.

If you answer to phone call, you can directly create and log your phone activity by creating a new ticket in user interface.

2. Feature list


  • The Contact form of Magento :
  • Create a ticket instead of sending you an email
  • Is protected by a Captcha system
  • Works with logged or guest customer
  • Add to Customer account a “My Tickets” section  that includes
  • his tickets list
  • a form to create and answer to tickets


  • Two customizable advanced ticket management grids
  • Quick search in customer, order and tickets
  • Routing ticket system using email account, routing rules, and categories
  • Email import that
  • Integrate multiple email addresses
  • Route the email into the ticket system to the good manager, the good category, the good status, the good tag
  • Auto detect customer order or customer marketplace order (integration with Boostmyshop Amazon and Cdiscount extension)
  • Includes a set of Anti Spam configurable rules
  • Default Replies, Category, Priority and Tag management
  • Customer and guest customer management
  • Quick buttons to create ticket from smart place in magento
  • User statistics


  • Ticket information and management
  • Message history with attachments
  • Previous tickets of the customer
  • Quick reply, Quick assign to another customer, Quick Tag
  • Private comments
  • In the same screen that the ticket edition
  • Customer main details
  • Customer order list
  • Product returns list (integration with Boostmyshop RMA extension)
  • Quote list (integration with Boostmyshop Customer Quote extension)
  • Dead line management


  • WYSIWIG Editor
  • Attachments
  • Default Replies
  • Ability to classify messages by type
  • Signature automatically added by email account
  • Quick Print
  • Quick Delete
  • Quick Refresh
  • Auto Save

3. Typical usage

1) There is a new message from a customer

  1. Customer post a message on the magento Contact page
  2. Customer sends an email to one of the email account configured

2) A new ticket is created in CRM Express

  1. Depending of the rules configured, the ticket is automatically affected to the accurate category and to the designed manager
  2. If you are the manager,

 - you are notified by email of this new message

 - you see this ticket in the admin grid in red, with a status ”Waiting For Admin”

3) You answer using the back office user interface

4) The customer is notified

 - in his Magneto’s customer account, the message response is flagged as “waiting for client”

 - by email of your response. in this mail he will get :

      - a link to answer in his Magneto’s customer account

      - the message history with the last message in first

5) The customer answers

 - by email directly

 - in his customer account

6) You are notified of his response

  - by email of this new response

  - you see this ticket in the All ticket and My Ticket grid in Red, flagged as ”Waiting For Admin”