11. FAQ

1. I have not received the response by email

Problem :

a customer tell you he send an email and you don’t see it in the all ticket grid

You shall check :

  • the grid filter and especially teh status filters
  • the Mailbox : to check if the mail has not been blocked in Spam or in error
  • Have you wait 15 min to let the cron download the new e-mails
  • You email account login password has changed and CRM express can’t connect any more.
  • if the response has been inserted in the ticket or if a new ticket has been created ?

2. The mail response contains all the chat history

The mail response contains all the chat history

So :

  • have you refactored the email template and removed the {{var responsetag}} flag

 - is the customer have edited the mail structure before answering ?

When the e-mail responses are imported, CRM express cuts the response using  :

  • the delimiter flag {{var responsetag}} : be default “[Response:”
  • the first ’[mailto:’ found
  • the flag —Original Message—

3. Impossible to connect to my e-mail account

You have configured en e-mail account and you can’t connect it.

Please check :

  • if the login, password, host and port are the correct one. You can get these detailed information from your e-mail provider.
  • If the login or password are incorrect, the message displayed in red is “last request failed”.
  • If you use SSL or TLS, please check if PHP is build with open-ssl option. To check that, you need to display a php_info page.
  • If you get “error 110 timeout ” or “can’t reach server …” checks with your server provider to open the ports you need on your firewall.

If you did not success with this steps and if you use IMAP gmail with ssl, you can read this tutorial to run some command line on your server ssh prompt.


4. I want to customize the mails send

The mails are base don templates files.

You can edit them in app/locale/en_US/template/email/CrmTicket

The default logo used in notification emails is images/logo_email.gif”

You can edit it in each email template

Here are the variables that you can use in the ticket :

  • ct_subject : ticket subject
  • ct_ticket_id : ticket id
  • ctm_created_at : ticket creation date
  • ctm_content : last message content
  • messages : html code with every messages
  • url : url to reply to the ticket
  • hashtag : specific code to assign emails to tickets
  • attachments : list of the attachments

5. Attachments are not working

  1. Have you configured properly the email template in

See also

System > Configuration > Crm Tickets

  1. Have you set the options

See also

System > Configuration > Crm Tickets > Attachment -> Allow attachments into each ticket’s message

  1. Do you have any conflict between MDN_CrmTicket_Model_EmailTemplate and another extension (please check System -> extension conflict)
  1. Did your files permission are correct for file writing in /media/CrmTickets/

6. - mime_content_type issue

If you suffer from the issue

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mime_content_type() in /app/code/community/MDN/CrmTicket/Model/Attachment.php on line 55

Please note as indicated here


that CRM ticket required the PHP extension  php_fileinfo to work correctly

Please activate the extension php_fileinfo in your PHP configuration

Note : http://php.net/manual/fr/function.mime-content-type.php

7. All fields titles in double in the contact page

1) All fields titles in double in the contact page

This bug happen depending of you skin and your css

to solve that, usually

comment all “legend” HTML tag and their content in  /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/CrmTicket/Product/AskQuestionForm.phtml

1) Everything is in double contact page

This bug happen when a tiers extension override ethe contact page too

  1. disable the rewrite of this other extension
  2. clear /var/cache
  3. refresh magento cache

8. Ticket not displayed

If you encounter some problem to display a ticket  (timeout), it’s possible you get a filesystem access right lock.

Crm Ticket create a root folder in /media/CrmTickets to save message attachments.

Depending of you server configuration you can encounter some problems to create folder inside that’s why displaying a ticket goes in timeout.

Please set file authorization to 777 ( to enable user and group to write inside. Especially the user or group where PHP belongs).