7. FAQ

1. Error during matching process

  1. Make sure that this directory exists : /var/export/marketplace/cdiscount/package/offers
  2. If the directory is missing, create it
  3. if matching still doesn’t work, assign 777 permission to export directory on your ftp server

2. Import orders

Order with cdiscount fees are not imported

Please check section “2. Installation > Requirements” and create both required products

Also, check that ordered products exists in your magento catalog.

The status “shipped” is not sent to Cdiscount

  1. Check if the configuration has not being saved or miss-configured.

Go in Sales > Market Place > Configuration > Manage account > CdiscountFR > Shipping section


  1. Your cron job is not working ? Maybe you see the message “warning it seems that cron...”

3. Scheduled Tasks

Tasks can be enabled / disabled using menu Sales > Marketplace > Configuration > Manage account > CdiscountFR > Scheduled tasks

Here is the list of scheduled tasks

  • marketplace_getOrders ( orders importation and send tracking information ) : every 20 minutes
  • marketplace_updateStocks ( products price & stock update ) : every 20 minutes
  • marketplace_checkproductcreation ( products creation ) : once per hours
  • marketplace_autosubmit ( product automatic submission ) : every 4 hours, at 20 min

4. Manual import product

If you have some error during manual catalog import from Cdiscount to Magento this mean :

  1. You have download the .xlsx file but you forget to convert it into CSV file and remove the header (11 first lines)
  2. You probably forgot to save the configuration in Sales > Market place > Configuration > Manage account > Catalog import
  • “Cdiscount catalog reference index” = 27
  • “Cdiscount catalog seller product reference index” = 0

Also remove from your CSV file the double quote ” and simple quote ‘ it may broke the importation.


Only existing magento product can be imported as we do not create new product from Cdiscount to Magento

5. Caution it seems than cron is not

If you see the read message


Caution !! It seems that cron is not working on your server, MarketPlaces extensions require cron to work properly. (View FAQ)

This mean:

  1. You must create a cron task on your server to run the file “cron.php” every 1 minute or 2 minutes.
  2. Your magento cron is blocked

How to create a cron server

To configure the CRON jobs on your server, please follow this link


If you still encounter problem

Please think to double check theses settings in System > Configuration > System > Cron Schedule tasks (all times are in minutes)

And try to restore default Magento settings (default settings are : 15, 20 15, 10, 60, 600)

6. Manage Shipping Costs

To send shipping costs, please follow this points

  • Go to sales > marketplace > configuration > account > Cdiscount.FR > Shipping, then save all fields
  • see documentation section “3.Configuration” > “1. Main configuration” > “4. Country configuration” > “Shipping”
  • Save the Default Shipping methods  it will allow our extension to get a single shipping cost for each products
  • Save also the Tax rate in “price” section, it is used both for shipping cost and products price
  • Be sure that your selected shipping method allow the country ” FRANCE ”, go in system > configuration > sales > shipping method

Here the used shipping method is “Flat Rate”, its label is “Colissimo”, and the allowed countries contain “FRANCE”. Finally the shipping costs is 5€.

  • Then submit again the product the shipping costs are now took from the saved Shipping methods


At this moment our extensions does not manage multiple shipping costs, so “single shipping method” is the only way ! The same shipping price is therefore sent for each shipping cost.

7. Cant create dir


Can’t create dir /MarketplaceFeed/cdiscount/_MEDIA_/50002016352 in MDN_MarketPlace_Model_Feed::_beforeSave

We’re getting this error when we try to update stock, images, etc from the “Products Added Waiting For Update” tab


Update the FTP rights for example “777” or “755” for the directory : MarketplaceFeed/amazon/_MEDIA_/

8. Sku does not exist

If you encountered this kind of error please check :

  • If sku has been renamed in magento
  • If sku has been deleted in magento
  • If sku still exists in your CDiscount seller account

9. Update all products

It can be useful to update every offers (price, stock, shipping cost) from magento to cdiscount if you:

  • Change shipping method settings
  • Change price coefficient or price attribute
  • Change stock attribute

To achieve that goal, go in Sales > Marketplace > Configuration > Manage account > CdiscountFR and click on the “Reset” button.

Then, every products will go in tab “Products added waiting for update

Next, the cron will send offer information back to cdiscount and products will move to tab “Products added up to date