6. Orders management

Every 20 minutes, our extensions requests cdiscount server to check if new orders are available : if so, orders are downloaded and created in Magento : a cdiscount order will be exactly the same as a Magento order, except that you’ll see a comment in the order saying “Cdiscount order #XXXX”

Depending of the cdiscount extension configuration, invoice can be generated automatically when the order is imported.

Once imported, you can fulfill orders with your favourite tool (ie Embedded ERP) in Magento.

Then, when the order is shipped and tracking number inserted, our extension will confirm the shipment to the cdiscount server.


No email are sent from our extension

1. Order import

There are 2 ways to import orders in Magento

  • Automatic (via cron)
  • Manually via the Tools tab

Automatic Cron

The extension checks for new orders on cDiscount every 20 minutes if the “Order importation” scheduled task is enabled in the configuration.

Manual execution

Select menu Sales > Marketplace > Cdiscount, into ”Tools” tab click on button “Import orders (CRON)”.


If the “Tools” tab is not visible, you can enable it in the configuration

2. Tracking number

When you ship an order in Magento and fill the tracking number, those information are sent to cdiscount to confirm the shipping. The shipping confirmation are automatically sent every 20 minutes, if the “Tracking export” scheduled task is enabled in the configuration.

Only orders in ‘complete‘ status and with a tracking number will be confirmed on cDiscount by the extension.

This process can also be ran from the “Tools” tab, by using button “Send Tracking (CRON)