5. Product management

1. Main process


2. Matching EAN


This is your responsibility to ensure that the EAN you have in Magento are valid according to Cdiscount standards

If you choose to use the “Matching EAN” method, you can add straight your own offers (price and stock) to Cdiscount catalog.

The only prerequisite is to have your products EAN ready in Magento and of course, those products must already exist on Cdiscount with matching EAN codes.

To submit your products to Cdiscount, select menu Sales > MarketPlace > Cdiscount, tab “Products to Add”.

Select the products you wish to match and apply “Matching EAN” mass action.


When you submit a product for matching, products goes into tab “Products pending response”.


If an error message is displayed, make sure that product creation is enabled in Sales > Marketplace > Configuration

Sending products for matching to Cdiscount will create a new feed. You can check if Cdiscount accepted the feed going into the “Feed” tab, and checking the last feed with type = “_MATCHING_EAN_”. If the feed status is in error, you can check the error reason downloading the response with the link on the right.

Cron will later check cdiscount response :

  • if product is successfully matched, it is moved to tab “Products pending update” for later price & stock synchronization.
  • If product can not be matched, it is moved to tab “Products in error” with an error message like “EAN does not exists”

3. Create products

The way it does it is to generate a .zip package that it’s sent to the cdiscount team for manual integration.

To generate such package, select menu Sales > Market place > Cdiscount, tab “Products to Add” : select the products you wish to create and select mass action “Add To MarketPlace”.

The package is automatically sent to Cdiscount, and products are moved to tab Products pending response.

If an error occurred, they are moved to tab “Products with error” : the most common errors are “missing category matching” or “undefined brands”.


Wait for 3-5 days to allow Cdiscount to create your requested products.When the cdiscount team confirms the file integration, you will receive an email.

Then, login on magento, select menu Sales > MarketPlace > Cdiscount Select the created product, and select Matching EAN mass action.


  • The current release is not compatible with the Cdiscount API automatic product creation.
  • The current version doesn’t support configurable products creation.
  • If you need to create configurable products, create them on your Cdiscount back office. Then, login on magento, select menu Sales > MarketPlace > Cdiscount Select the created product, and select Matching EAN mass action.

4. Stock and price update

Our module automatically send price and stock updates every 20 minutes, if “Product update” scheduled tasks is enabled in configuration.

You can also manually update products from the “Products added waiting for update” tab, with the mass action “Update stock and price


Once the stock and prices have been synchronized with cdiscount, they are moved to “Products added up to date” tab.