4. Initialization

The Cdiscount module main screen is available under Sales > MarketPlace > Cdiscount

Tabs Summary

  • Products added up to date : This tab lists all updated products synchronized with Cdiscount
  • Products added waiting for update : This tab lists all products which have to be updated on Cdiscount ( stock or price information have been changed in your magento )
  • Products to Add : This tab lists all your magento products not synchronized yet with Cdiscount
  • Products pending response : This tab lists the products sent and still waiting for integration
  • Products with error : This tab lists all products which have not been submitted successfully
  • Manual import : Here you will be able to manually import cdiscount products or orders in your magento
  • Logs : All module actions are logged in this tab
  • Feeds : Here are listed all the feeds sent to Cdiscount
  • Brands : This tab is used for Cdiscount brand association. (See 3. Brand association)



You can skip this section if you don’t have any Magento products on Cdiscount yet

If you are already selling products on Cdiscount, you have to synchronize them between Magento & Cdiscount.

1. Product synchronization


For being able to synchronize your products, it’s mandatory that Magento SKUs and Cdiscount product seller references are identical.

Go in Sales > Marketplace > Cdiscount, into “Tools” tab (if “Tools” tab is not displayed, check the configuration to display it)

Click on button “Sync SKU and Cdiscount references

The process may take several minutes, depending on the number of products in your Cdiscount account. All matched products are now displayed in the “Products Added Waiting for Update” tab.

Updates will be done automatically by the cron if the “Product Update” scheduled task is enabled in the configuration. You can also run it using the “Update stock/prices (CRON)” button from the “Tools” tab to simulate the cron execution.

Once updated, products are moved in the “Products Added Up To Date” tab.

The initialization is complete!