6. FAQ

I only get the barcode into the printed label even if I set the name option to yes

  • Try to upload the folder /media into the root FTP directory, make it readable and executable (644).

I have an error message : “Cannot create image resource. File not found.”

  • Check your Magento version. This extension requires Magento >
  • Check the rights in the folder /var (change it to 755).
  • Maybe your GD PHP Library version isn’t allowing the creation of image. This extension requires GD2 PHP Library or higher.

When I try to print a lot of labels from the product list, I get a timeout message and crashes

  • If you try to print too much labels at the same time, the page will crash.
  • The solution is, if you need to print more than 100 labels at the same time for example, to print them 50 by 50 by going into the product page directly.

When I go on the page : System > Configuration > Barcode label, I get a white screen or an error message


Fatal error : Class ‘Mage_BarcodeLabel_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/wwwroot/www.yourwebsite.com/app/Mage.php on line 546.

  • This error comes from the FTP account you use, which doesn’t grant the execution rights. To fix that get the “root” FTP account, and upload again the extension’s files with this account.

I only get one PDF page when I try to print a lot of barcodes even if I have selected multiple articles

  • The Barcode label extension will pick up the product stock quantity as the number of labels to print.
  • If your product didn’t manage stock or get a zero stock level, the label will not be printed.

My Code 39 barcode is unreadable with a label size of 5cm per 3cm

  • Set the PDF size in Configuration > PDF settings with the double size of the previous label (here 10x6cm instead of 5x3cm)
  • Then ask on BoostMyShop Support for an edit of the extension’s code to resize the final PDF at the desired size.


The label size ratio must be keeped (for example : 5 per 3 > 10 per 6) to keep the barcode readable.

Can the system generates barcodes

This function can be activated from the Configuration page.

The automatic generation will run like the following :

  1. Get the product ID. Example : 166.
  2. Add as many zero as necessary before the product ID to make a 12 characters barcode. Example : 000000000166
  3. Add a last “checksum” character. Example : 0000000001668

Does Barcode Label manages Magento Custom Options ?

No, at the moment only Product attributes are managed, Custom Options can’t be used in Barcode label extension.

Error message : General error 1267

General error : 1267 Illegal mix of collations (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation ‘=’, query was: select bll_barcode from barcode_label_list where bll_barcode not in (select value from catalog_product_entity_varchar)

  • You must change the collation field in your SQL database into the table barcode_label_list > bll_barcode to utf8_unicode_ci.


Here is the SQL command to do this :

ALTER TABLE `barcode_label_list` CHANGE `bll_barcode` `bll_barcode` VARCHAR( 50 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL

Error message : Unknown column attribute_id in where clause

SQLSTATE[42S22] : Column not found : 1054 Unknown column ‘attribute_id’ in ‘where clause’...

Error message : Call to a member function getSource() on a non-object

Fatal error: Call to a member function getSource() on a non-object in...

  • Maybe the “Manufacturer” attribute is not available on your Magento, you must create it.
  • Try to disable all printed information except “Barcode” to find which one is making a problem.

Error message : Undefined function imagettfbbox()

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagettfbbox()

  • Check your PHP version, the function imagettfbox requires PHP4 or upper.
  • Maybe your GD PHP Library version isn’t allowing the creation of image. This extension requires GD2 PHP Library or higher.
  • FreeType must be activated.