5. Use of an existing list of barcodesΒΆ

You can use your own list of barcode for the barcode generation, for example if you already have a GS1 barcode list.

For that, you will need a text file which contains all barcodes, structured in this way :


Once your barcode file is done, go to System > Configuration > Barcode label, then open the “General” panel and click on [Manage list].

You should now have a barcodes list screen, like that:


To import a list of barcode, click on [Select a file] in the upper right corner and choose your file.

There are two import modes :

  • Append : The new list of barcode will be added to the one who already exist.
  • Replace : Replace the existing list by the new one.

Once you have selected your barcode list and choosen the import mode, click on [Import file].

Then, return on System > Configuration > Barcode label and open the General panel to find this option :


This is the “Generation method” option, which defines how barcodes will be generated when you create a new product.

This option have two modes :

  • Random : Generates a random barcode using the product id.
  • Predefined List : Use barcode from a barcode file.

So if you want to use your own barcode list, choose “Predefined list” as Generation method.

When Barcode label will generate a barcode for a new product it will use the id1, then the id2...