4. Label printing methods

From product sheet


To print a label from the product sheet, first click on “Barcode Label” in the Product Information menu.

In the Label preview section, you can see how your label will look like when its printed.


To customize the label layout, check Barcode Label - Configuration.

Fill how many labels you want to print in the “Label count” field and click on [Print].


If your current product is a configurable product, you will not be able to set the “Label count” field :

The system will print as many labels as there are available products associated with the configurable product, adding their stock level for the number of label to print.

From product list

You can also print several labels from the product list : Catalog > Manage products

To do that, check all the products for which you want to print labels in the product list, and then select “Print barcode labels” in the “actions” drop-down menu.

Finally, click on [Submit] to generate a PDF document with all the labels to print.


This method will print as many labels as the products quantity.