3. Configuration

1. Main

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Configuration can be done in menu System > Configuration > Auto Cancel Order


If you get a ” Access denied ” error message, you must logout from admin panel and log in again.



Find in this tab the version number of the extension.(Here 1.2)



This tab is used to the general behavior of the extension, save here the order to cancel, the date for consideration and the cancellation mode.

Field Value
Consider orders after The extension will try to cancel orders only after a specific date
Enable cron Enable or disable cron (automatic cancellation at 1 o’clock)
Unhold orders before cancel If enabled, the system will unhold holded orders before cancellation
Apply on orders Select the status for orders
Apply Run the cancellation script
Show logs Display cancellation history

Cancellation period in hours


Here we will list all the magento payment methods, you can set for each of them the cancellation period in hours.

The first field ” default ” allow you save a value for all the payment methods in case of the cancellation period is missing the default valuie will be apply.

Field Value
Default set in this field the default value in hour fo the cancellation.
“payment method name” from the second to the last line, we provide the payment method name with the cancellation period to apply.
xxx ...

2. Logs

From the configuration page, click on the ” Show Logs ” button to see cancellation history


In this page you have 3 main informations :

  • The retun button which will redirect you on the configuration page.
  • The ” clear log” button which will delete all the logs for cancellation.
  • The history list with the cancellation message and date inside.

Several types of message are displayed in the cancellation table :

  • Cancellation confirmation
  • Error about cancellation
  • Order unhold before cancellation


In case of error or “unhold before cancel” you must unhold the order manually or save the option “unhold before cancel” from the configuration page.