4. Products Management

4.1 Product Statuses


4.2 Amazon Product Sync

You can see products screen in Amazon > Products


As you can see, there is a select widget on the left of the screen. This widget allow you to select account on which you want to work. Once account selected, you just have to click on the “Sync Listing” button on the right.

This will make Amazon API calls in order to list your product listing on Amazon and try to match products according to product reference. If the product is found, then the extension will save the associated ASIN into Magento and set listing status to Associated, if not product is skipped.

As you can see, you can apply some mass actions on selected products :


Available actions are :

  • Enable : enable the product (price and stock will updated by the cron)
  • Disable : disable the product (price and stock won’t not be updated by the cron)
  • List : allow to match the product on Amazon using the product barcode
  • Update : update stock and price for selected products

4.3 List Products Using Matching

In order to add products on Amazon, you can try to match it using barcode. If product already exists on Amazon, then it will be added automatically on your seller account. If not, you must create a new product on Amazon.

4.4 List Products Using Creation

This feature is not yet available.

4.5 Offers Update

In order to manually update products, you can select them from the product and use “Update” mass action. This should be used with caution, if too much feeds are submitted on Amazon, then you will get the $ “request throttled” error message.


If you’ve got a Request Throttled response after a feed submission, submitted feed will be ignored and you must wait before submit another feed.

The cron will process to product update every 20 minutes. The extension will compare last update date and product updated at fields in order to select products to update.

4.5.1 Stock

Stock value used during export depends on your settings :

  • If you disabled the product in product grid, then it will be updated with a stock as 0
  • if you set a custom attribute, it will be used as stock in export
  • If not stock used will be Magento stock item

4.5.2 Price

Price exported also depends on your settings :


4.5.3 Shipping Method

Not available yet.