3. Account Configuration

Once this extension properly installed, you need to create a new account.

3.1 Configure a new account

Go in Amazon > Accounts and click on “Create New Account”


You must fill the following information :

  • Merchant ID
  • AWS Access Key
  • Secret Access Key


If you don’t already have a MWS account, then visit https://developer.amazonservices.com/ in order to create one. (use .com for North America account, .fr|.de|.es|.co.uk|.it for european account)

3.2 Account Settings

After saving the account for the first time, more tabs will appear.



All parameters in each tab have a default value, but before save the configuration it’s important to take a look on each parameter, bellow an overview.


Reference Select attribute used as product reference on Amazon
Store Select the store to use for this country

Order Import

Enabled Enable order import from Magento cron (yes/no)
Limit to order placed X days ago Limit days range for order importation
Customer Account Create new user account on each order or use guest customer
Customer Group Customer group used during order importation
Customer Tax Class Customer tax class used during order importation
Order Status Select status for imported orders (useless if invoice generation is enabled)
Create Invoice Generate invoice during order importation
Shipping Method Shipping method used during order importation
Payment Method Payment method used during order importation

Shipment Confirmation

Enabled Enable shipment confirmation from Magento cron (yes/no)


UPC / EAN Attribute Select Magento attribute used for product barcode


Enabled Enable offer (stock & price) export from Magento cron (yes/no)
Stock Attribute Select a specific Magento attribute used for stock export. (Empty by default, Magento stock item used)
Price Attribute Select a specific Magento attribute used for price export. (Magento Price as default value)
Use special price if exists If enabled and valid special price exists, it will be sent as product price
Add tax Apply tax before export
Price coef Apply a coefficient on price before export
Delay Attribute Select Magento attribute used for shipping delay (must be gretter than 1 day). Empty by default.
Default Delay Specify a shipping delay