8. FBA

1. Introduction

Amazon FBA allows seller to ship orders directly by Amazon using Amazon Fulfillment Network.

Amazon For Magento by Boost My Shop allows to :

  • Import Amazon inventory into Magento, using an attribute or a warehouse if Embedded ERP is installed.
  • Import Amazon FBA orders into Magento


Amazon FBA is an additional plugin for Amazon extension ( > version ), you can get it by checking the “FBA support” box on the Amazon module product sheet or by asking a quote to the sales team.

2. Configuration

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Settings can be found in sales > marketplace > configuration, then follow the Manage account link.

_images/01b1bbf8f3f1ef0073a9626489c47d22.png _images/7f7acd8c7a434bd08db1edaabe5d0b4d.png

Next select the country on the left of the page, for example amazon.fr


As you can see, there is an Amazon FBA field set which contains 4 parameters :

Enable FBA order Import If selected value is “Yes”, then Amazon FBA orders will be imported by the extension into Magento
Store ID to use for FBA orders importation Here you can select in which Magento store FBA orders are imported
Sync FBA inventory If enabled, then the extension will import your FBA inventory information from Amazon to Magento
Select attribute Here you can select in which attribute save amazon inventory

 If Boost My Shop Embedded ERP is installed, then you will be able to select in which warehouse import your FBA inventory.


Furthermore, you can also see a note below the first parameter with a link on ‘run’ : This action allows to display orders available for import into Magento.

So you can have a look on it before you enable the feature in order to identify potential duplicate orders. Displayed result looks like this :


3. Execution

FBA orders importation

If enabled, the extension will import Amazon FBA orders every 10 minutes into Magento.

When an order is imported, the following happens :

  • No decrement of stock
  • An invoice is created
  • A shipment is created
  • Shipping method used will be Fulfillment by Amazon - {Amazon ship service level}

FBA inventory import

If enabled, the extension will import your FBA inventory into Magento every 20 minutes. It will be saved into a Magento attribute or an Embedded ERP warehouse according to your settings.

Manual mode

It is also possible to run both process manually from sales > marketplace > amazon in Tools tab.


Here you can see if features are enabled or not and launch task manually using ‘Run’ link.

Note : ‘Simulate’ link for FBA orders importation will do the same than explain in configuration part.


In the Feeds tab, you can see entries for Amazon FBA orders import as ‘_IMPORT_ORDERS_’ type and [AFN] prefix in Feed id column.

For FBA inventory import, they will be displayed as ‘_GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_’ type.

For both feeds, you can download response by using the download link in Response column as others feeds.