8. FBA - Fulfillment By Amazon



Amazon FBA is an additional plugin for Amazon extension (only working with versions >

Amazon FBA allows sellers to ask Amazon to ship their orders using Amazon Fulfillment Network.

The main functionnalities are :

  • Amazon inventory import into Magento, using an attribute or a warehouse (if Embedded ERP is installed) to put products stock in.
  • Amazon FBA orders import into Magento
  • Magento orders export to Amazon Fulfillment Network


Amazon FBA settings can be found in Sales > Marketplace > Configuration :


Then click on Manage your different marketplace accounts :


Finaly, select the Amazon sales channel to configure in the left menu, for example Amazon.fr :


You will find there 3 sections linked to the 3 main functions of the extension :

Order importation

Field Value
Enable FBA orders import Enable the cron job importing Amazon FBA orders into Magento
Store ID to use for FBA orders importation Affect all FBA imported orders to this store view
Enable stock decrease Decrease products stock level when FBA orders are imported in Magento


There is a “run” link in the first option description. Click on it to display all available FBA orders to import into Magento.

You can have a look on it before enabling the orders import feature to identify orders duplicated if there are some.


Order exportation (Outbound fulfilment)

Field Value
Enable FBA orders export Enable the cron job exporting fulfillment orders from Magento to Amazon
Old order filter Set the limit date from which fulfillment orders will be exported
Shipping speed category Select the default shipping method affected to new fulfillment orders
Fulfillment policy Select the fulfillment policy. More information below
Enable FBA orders update Enable the cron job updating the status of fulfillment order products.


The Fulfillment Policy can be set on 3 different values :

  • FillOrKill : If an item in a fulfillment order is determined to be unfulfillable before any shipment in, the order moves to the Pending status (the process of picking units from inventory has begun), then the entire order is considered unfulfillable. However, if an item in a fulfillment order is determined to be unfulfillable after a shipment in the order moves to the Pending status, Amazon cancels as much of the fulfillment order as possible.
  • FillAll : All fulfillable items in the fulfillment order are shipped. The fulfillment order remains in a processing state until all items are either shipped by Amazon or cancelled by the seller.
  • FillAllAvailable : All fulfillable items in the fulfillment order are shipped. All unfulfillable items in the order are cancelled by Amazon.

Stock synchronization

Field Value
Sync FBA inventory Enable the cron job importing Amazon FBA inventory into Magento
Select warehouse to use Select the warehouse to import FBA inventory in. Only available if Embedded ERP is installed
Prune FBA inventory logs Enable old logs purge in Sales > Marketplace > Fulfillment By Amazon > Inventory Logs
Inventory logs max age in days Select the number of days during which logs are kept


Orders importation

If Enable FBA orders import is set to “Yes”, the extension will import Amazon FBA orders every 10 minutes into Magento.

When an order is imported, the following things will happens :

  • Ordered products stock level are decremented or not depending of setting Enable stock decrease
  • An invoice is created
  • A shipment is created
  • Shipping method used will be : “Fulfillment by Amazon - {Amazon ship service level}”

Orders exportation (Outbound fulfilment)


This part is accessible by going into any order (Sales > Orders > [Select an order]), Fulfillment By Amazon tab.

If Enable FBA orders export is set to “Yes”, the extension will export FBA orders from Magento to Amazon every 30 minutes.

Each order fulfillment details can be set from the Fulfillment By Amazon tab of each Magento order.

Fulfillment order

This section will be used to set all the order fulfillment details, that will be sent to Amazon.

Field Description
MarketPlace ID Choose which Amazon marketplace will fulfill the order
Seller Fulfillment Order ID Internal order ID (not visible by customers). Automatically filled with : {order ID - timestamp)
Fulfillment Action Select fullfilment action for this order. Usualy set to “Ship”
Displayable Order Id Public order ID (visible by customers)
Order comment You can add there some comments for this order
Shipping Speed Category Set the shipping method Amazon should use to ship this order
Shipping Address Customer shipping address
Fulfillment Policy Set the fulfillment policy. More information : fulfillment available options
Notification Email List Select there email addresses to notify when Amazon will process the order shipment. To deselect an email, hold Ctrl and click on the email address.

Product Selection

This section will be used to select which ordered products will be sent to Amazon in the fulfillment request.


This section will be automatically populated with all the ordered products.

You are able to choose the products to send to Amazon for fulfillment selecting them with the checkbox in the “Action” column.

Once you selected all the ordered products you need Amazon to manage, click on sumbit.


The grid below this section lists all ordered products already sent to Amazon by fulfillment request(s).

Inventory import

If Sync FBA inventory is set to “Yes”, the extension will import your FBA inventory into Magento every 20 minutes. It will be saved into a Magento attribute or an Embedded ERP warehouse according to your settings.

Manual mode

It is also possible to run both process manually from sales > marketplace > amazon in Tools tab.


Here you can see if features are enabled or not and launch task manually using ‘Run’ link.

Note : ‘Simulate’ link for FBA orders importation will do the same than explain in configuration part.


In the Feeds tab, you can see entries for Amazon FBA orders import as ‘_IMPORT_ORDERS_’ type and [AFN] prefix in Feed id column.

For FBA inventory import, they will be displayed as ‘_GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_’ type.

For both feeds, you can download response by using the download link in Response column as others feeds.