7. Products management


To prevent the extension to crash and to prevent “Timeout” errors, please try to keep between 0 and 200 products maximum in the “Product pending response” tab at the same time.

1. Matching EAN

The matching EAN process is more simple and require minimal configuration :

  • No category association
  • No required fields

However product must already exists on Amazon (which is often the case)

The required information are :

  • valid product barcode
  • price > 0
  • stock
  • product name
  • product weight


The process is limited to 75 products every 2 minutes.

Go in “Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon”, in “Products to Add” tab.

Select products to submit (max 75) and use “Matching EAN” action.

Be careful to select the good seller account before to submit products.

After submission, product will be moved in “Products pending response” tab.

A log message indicates that matching is processing, you can see it in Logs tab, and you can also see exchanged feeds in “Feeds” tab.

Now extension is waiting for Amazon response. A scheduled task will check Amazon report every hours and products appear in Amazon inventory tab as ‘incomplete’.

This is normal, as you can see in Feeds tab, 3 feeds have been sent to Amazon:

  • Creation
  • Stock
  • Price

Product status will be updated as soon as price and stock feeds will be integrated.

Products are out of stock because when the extension submit the product for the first time to Amazon, it will be updated with a stock = 0.

Now you can check product creation by using the “Tools” tab. Click on the link “Run” for Product Creation scheduled task. Product will be moved in “Products Added Up To Date” tab. Product is in “created” state and ASIN code should be imported. If not, then wait 15mins and click again on “Run” link. The reason is that Amazon inventory file was not ready yet.

Next stock and price will be updated in product update process. When you refresh Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon page, you can see that product has moved in “Products Added Waiting To Update” tab.

Select product, and choose “Update Stock & Price” action.

Product will be now displayed in “Products Added Up To Date” tab

In “last export” column you can see last exported price, stock and delay.

Now product should be “Active” on seller-central.

1.1 Multiple Asins

During the matching process, Amazon can suggest more than one asin to match with a product. In this case, the product is moved in “Multiple ASINS” tab from Sales - Marketplace - Amazon screen and you will have to select which asin you would like to match for each product in the tab.

The extension provides Amazon product sheet links for each suggested asins in order to facilitate your choice.

Once you have choose the asin that you want to match, you just have to select it with the radio button, and then click on “Match Asins” button.

Then, the product will be synchronized with the extension and moved in the “Products waiting for update” tab.


If the “suggested asins” field is empty, just select those concerned products in “Products with error” tab and launch again a “Matching Ean” process, suggested asins should then be displayed properly.

2. Product Creation


This action will only work if the product creation scheduled task has been enabled before.

Amazon for Magento extension allow to create products on Amazon.

You’ll find below methods for both simple and configurable product’s creation.


Be careful that your skus have a max length lower than 40 characters.

2.1. Simple products

In order to add some simple product on Amazon, you must before hand configure categories associations and required fields as explain in previous chapter.

Once that is done, go in Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon, and select the account on which the product will be added.

Select “Products To Add” tab, choose products, tick the box, select “Add to marketplace” action and click on “Submit”.

The product will be moved in “Products pending response” tab, and a new feed is available in “Feeds” tab.

Once feed integration will be done, you will see your product in seller-central with an “incomplete” status. This is normal, now we must send price and stock information in order to complete the process.

Feed submission response will be checked automatically if “product creation” scheduled task is enabled in account settings. If not you can run it manually by using “Run” link for “Product Creation” in “Tools” tab.

When “product creation” action is launched, the system will check response and when response is ok, it will update stock, price and image for new products.

As you can see, product creation feed status has been updated to “_DONE_” and 4 feeds have been added :

  • _MEDIA_ : image update
  • _UPDATE_PRICE_STOCK_ : one for prices and one for inventories
  • _MATCHING_PRODUCTS_ : request products created on Amazon in order to import ASIN codes.

Product creation process is done.

2.2. Configurable products

In order to add configurable products on Amazon, go in Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon, in “Products To Add” tab and select the configurable product only (not simple products), select “Add to Marketplace” action and click on “Submit”.

This action will sent products information and relationship between them. All simples products must have a barcode, but not the configurable product.

Configurable product and all these variations are now in “Products pending response” tab.

Two new feeds will appear in “Feeds” tab (_PRODUCT_CREATION_ and _RELATIONSHIP_).

At this time we must wait amazon response. If “Product creation” scheduled task is enable in account settings, this will be checked automatically every hours.

It is also possible to run the process manually by using “Run” link for “Product Creation” in “Tools” tab.

In case of error, you can download feed submission result, by using the link “Download result”, in order to know why.

Once feed integration will be done, you will see your product in seller-central with an “incomplete” status. This is normal, now we must send price and stock information in order to complete the process.

Price and stock information will be sent automatically if “product update” scheduled task is enabled in your amazon module configuration.

2.3. Attributes

When you submit products for creation to Amazon, there are different ways to configure required and optional attributes.

  1. Required attributes

Please find more information about required fields in Configuration > Required fields

  1. Variation attributes

Please find more information about those attributes in Configuration > Configurable attributes

  1. Optional attributes

Amazon can support a lot of additional attributes.

To know the full list, you can check files in the extension source files located in: lib/MDN/Marketplace/Amazon/XSD/

To configure those optional fields, go in Sales - MarketPlace - Configuration - Manage Attributes - Optional fields


Put the Amazon attribute code in the left column, then select your attribute in the “Magento attribute” column to match them and save the page to validate the association.

3. Update stock and price

There are three ways to update stock and price:

  • Automatically with scheduled task
  • Manually from the “Tools” tab
  • Manually with massaction

3.1. Scheduled tasks

This task can be enabled for each marketplace in the configuration.

More information here: 4. Scheduled Tasks

3.2. Tools tab

It is also possible to run the scheduled task manually in “Tools” tab from “Sale > MarketPlace > Amazon” by clicking on “Run” link from “Product Update” row.

3.3. Massaction

Select the products to update and use “Update stock and Price” action.

4. Revise product


This action will only work if the product creation scheduled task has been enabled before.

The “Revise product” action allows to update all products data on Amazon, except price and stock.


Be careful it will replace all existing data on Amazon by the new one submitted by the extension.

This action is available from the two first tab in “Sales > Marketplace > Amazon” grid :

  • “Product Added Up To Date”
  • “Product Added Waiting For Update”

Select in grid the products that you would like to update and select the “Revise product” action in the massactions list.

Once submitted, a new feed ‘_REVISE_PRODUCTS_’ is created in “Feeds” tab.


You can see all information sent by downloading the content file of this feed.

5. Update image

You can update product image by selecting product(s) in “Products Added Up To Date” or “Products Added Waiting for Update” tab in Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon and using “Update image” action in grid’s mass actions list.


6 - Delete product

The extension allow to delete product on Amazon.

In order to delete a product, go in “Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon”, select product and choose “Delete product” in massaction drop down list.

Product still appear in up to date or waiting for update tab. It will be removed as soon as Amazon report will be available. Product will be deleted on Amazon about 15 minutes after feed submission.

Once Amazon report is available, product is moved in “Products to Add” tab with status “Not Created”. So it won’t be exported anymore.

7 - Magento product sheet


the “Marketplace” tab is no longer available in product sheet in the latest versions.

All actions related to product are available in Magento product sheet. After install our extension, a new tab appear called ‘Marketplace


The drop down menu in “Action column” allows to :

  • Match product on marketplace
  • Add product on marketplace
  • Revise product
  • Update stock and price
  • update image
  • delete product
  • update product status in Magento (created, pending, not created)

When you select an action, a popup will appear and ask you if you really want to perform the selected action. Click on ‘Yes’ for run the process or on ‘No’ in order to cancel.

Information displayed are a summary of product state, each line corresponds to a country where the product has been submitted.