6. Orders management

The extension allow to import orders from Amazon to Magento and to update tracking information from Magento to Amazon.

All the process can be done automatically.


The extension does not send email to Amazon customers.

6.1 - Order importation

There are different ways for importing your amazon’s orders:

  • By the cron if “import orders” scheduled task is enabled in your country configuration
  • Manually in Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon > Tools tab, by clicking on Run for “Import orders ” line.
  • By uploading an orders report downloaded from your Amazon seller account in Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon > Manual Import tab.

Orders won’t be imported in Magento if:

  • Some ordered products are not in your Magento catalog
  • The order status is “Canceled” or “Shipped
  • The payment is not validated yet on Amazon

How to manage shipping costs ?

Shipping costs settings have to be configured directly on your Amazon seller account.

Automatic import

Find more information about the order importation scheduled task in 4. Scheduled tasks

Manual import


This action will only work if the orders import scheduled task has been enabled before.

Go in seller-central in Orders > Order Report


Here you can see requested report list, select the last one which report status is “Ready” and click on the download button.


Import this file with the “Import Amazon sales order” form, once treatment done, a message will be displayed with the number of imported orders and the number of skipped orders (already imported)


Once orders imported you can see them is Sales > Order and in Sales > MarketPlace > Sales History.

Orders list :


Statistics :


This page list complete orders by marketplace and display total revenue, total tax, total shipping and number of orders.

If generate invoice is active, then an invoice is automatically created and order is in “processing” state if not order is imported with configured status.

6.2 - Tracking update

The extension send shipment confirmation to Amazon automatically if scheduled tracking export task is enable in account settings.

There are two ways for updating orders :

When the order is in “complete” state in Magento (invoiced and shipped) and with tracking information, in this case the tracking number is sent to Amazon.

You can also set a delay beyond which a default tracking is sent to Amazon. It can be configured in account settings by selecting the country concerned :


In this case if the order hasn’t tracking information after 6 hours, then it will be set as shipped with “Shipping in progress” as tracking value.

Tracking update is scheduled every 20 minutes.

It is also possible to launch tracking update by using “Cron sent tracking” link in “Sales > MarketPlace > Amazon”, “Tools” tab.