5. Initialization

If you are here, it probably means that your module is installed, enabled and that configuration has already been done.


If it’s not the case, all those steps are fully explained in previous section: 3. Configuration

Where to start ?

You start using the module and you already have some of your magento products listed on your Amazon Seller Account ?

The simplest way to synchronize them in Amazon module is to use the “Run” link for “Product Creation” process provided in “Tools” tab from Sales - Marketplace - Amazon screen.


The product creation process is described in 4. Scheduled tasks

  1. Click a first time on the “Run” link, then you will notice that a “Matching product” feeds has been created in the “Feeds” tab in order to retrieve the Amazon listing report.
  2. Wait for approximately 15 minutes and click again on the same “Run” link to perform the synchronization.
  3. Matched products will be moved in “Products waiting for update” tab

Another method is to generate an inventory listing file from your Amazon Seller Account and upload it into Sales - Marketplace - Amazon - Manual Import - Import Amazon products form.


Product’s skus have to be the same on your Magento and your Amazon Seller Account, to synchronize products with the extension.

You start using the module and there no products created yet on your Amazon seller account ?

In this case, check the Matching Ean and the Product creation processes to know more about the available methods for adding new products in your Seller Central account.