4. Scheduled tasks

Amazon extension is provided with 5 scheduled tasks which can be enabled from the configuration, in order to synchronize your Magento and your Amazon seller account automatically.

1. Product Creation

This task is executed once per hour.

The extension will retrieve an Amazon listing report ( a list with all products already created on your Amazon seller account ), and will try to match all skus included in this report with your Magento skus.

2. Product Update

This task is executed every 20 minutes

The goal is too keep a good synchronization of stock levels and prices between Magento and Amazon. Each time a product is updated in your magento, it’s moved in the “Product Added Waiting For Update” tab in Sales - Marketplace - Amazon

All products from this tab will be updated by the “Product Update” scheduled task:

  • 2 feeds will be sent to Amazon, 1 for price update and 1 for stock update.

Both feeds are listed in the “Feeds” tab as _UPDATE_STOCK_PRICE_


Be careful, if you are updating your prices or your stock levels directly via SQL import, changes won’t be detected by the extension if the “updated_at” field from “catalog_entity_product” magento table is not updated too.

3. Order Importation

This task is executed every 20 minutes

The “Order Range” option in configuration allows to select in how many days the module have to check, for new orders to import, on your seller account. Sometimes some orders stay in “Pending” status during few days due to payment validation. As, only waiting for shipment orders will be imported, it’s recommended to set at least 5 days for the “Order Range” option.

  • 1 feed is created in the “Feeds” tab as _IMPORT_ORDERS_


Only waiting for shipment orders are imported.

4. Send Tracking

This task is executed every 20 minutes.

The extension will search for ‘complete’ order, with tracking number filled on your Magento and still “Waiting For Shipment” on Amazon. If some orders are ‘complete’ without tracking number, they will be updated as “Shipped” on Amazon, only if the delay from “Delta tracking” option has been exceeded.


If you are using custom order status instead of ‘complete’ when orders are invoiced and shipped, the module won’t be able to detect them.

In this case, ask our support team to adapt this behavior.

5. Auto Submit

This task is executed every 4 hours.

The extension will automatically try to match products corresponding to settings from Auto-Submit configuration.


The process used is the matching ean, it’s not a product creation.