2. Installation

1. Installation Process

A. Before files upload

Before starting to upload extension files to your server, do the following :



It will prevent Magento from trying to install the extension until all extension files being uploaded.

  1. DISABLE ANY OTHER CACHE (APC cache, Redis cache, memcache) …


Open the file app/etc/local.xml and check inside in order to switch off any other running cache.

  If you don’t known how to check it, please ask it to your developper.

  1. If enabled, please DISABLE MAGENTO COMPILATION in System -> Tools -> Compilation


It is strongly recommended to install any new extension on a staging (pre-production) server first, to prevent any potential error on the live server then.

B. Files Upload

Amazon extension is provided in a ZIP folder with this structure : /app

First, upload the extension file structure to your server on the same file structure provided by Magento :


Make sure that all the files have been correctly transferred, you shouldn’t have any “Failed transfers”.


No code files will be erase by this extension.

All the extension’s code files will be available into app/code/community/MDN .

Once all files are uploaded, please follow these 2 steps to make sure it’s correctly installed :

  1. Refresh Magento caches (System > Cache Management).


If you get an error message at this stage, that means Amazon module is not correctly installed.

Try to upload all extension files again.

  1. Logout and login yourself from Magento’s back office.

Amazon extension is now correctly installed.

2. Upgrade Process

In order to upgrade the Amazon extension to the last version in date :

  1. Check if any customization have been done on the extension.

To do that, we recommend an helpful extension we propose, which is Extension Conflict

  1. Check all possible conflicts that you previously resolved regarding Supplier returns extension, and restore them.
  2. Follow the installation process (Step 1).
  3. Check if there’s some new conflicts with Extension Conflict, and resolve them.

Amazon extension is now successfully upgraded.

3. Uninstall Process

A. Disable Amazon & MarketPlace modules

  • Edit app/etc/modules/MDN_Amazon.xml & app/etc/modules/MDN_MarketPlace.xml
  • In both files, replace true by false
  • Once both files are edited, login your Magento back office and go in System > Cache Management
  • Refresh all Magento caches

Amazon & MarketPlace modules are now sucessfully disabled.

B. Remove files from the server

  • app/code/community/MDN/Amazon + all included files
  • app/code/community/MDN/MarketPlace + all included files
  • app/code/local/MDN/Amazon + all included files
  • app/code/local/MDN/MarketPlace + all included files
  • /MarketPlaceFeeds + all included files
  • app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/Amazon + all included files
  • app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/MarketPlace + all included files
  • app/locale/en_US/MDN_MarketPlace.csv
  • app/locale/en_US/MDN_MarketPlace_Amazon.csv
  • app/locale/fr_FR/MDN_MarketPlace.csv
  • app/locale/fr_FR/MDN_MarketPlace_Amazon.csv
  • js/mdn/amazon + all included files
  • js/mdn/MarketPlace.js
  • lib/MDN/Marketplace + all included files
  • skin/adminhtml/base/default/images/Marketplace + all included files
  • skin/adminhtml/base/default/MarketPlace.css
  • app/etc/modules/MDN_Amazon.xml
  • app/etc/modules/MDN_MarketPlace.xml

Amazon & MarketPlace files are now sucessfully deleted from your server.

C. Clean database

  • Drop table market_place_categories
  • Drop table market_place_data
  • Drop table market_place_logs
  • Drop table market_place_required_fields
  • Drop table market_place_token
  • Drop table market_place_internationalization
  • Drop table market_place_status
  • Drop table market_place_feed
  • Drop table market_place_accounts
  • Drop table market_place_configuration
  • Drop table market_place_accounts_countries
  • Drop table market_place_brands
  • Drop table amazon_optionnals_fields
  • Drop table amazon_variation_types
  • Delete column marketplace_order_id in sales_flat_order table
  • Delete column marketplace_item_id in sales_flat_order_item table
  • Delete column from_site in sales_flat_order table

Amazon & MarketPlace modules are now sucessfully uninstalled from the database.