3. How to use

Main screen is available with menu System > Url Redirector


This page contains url that visitors tried to reach and that doesn’t exist.

For example, go on your website, select any page and then amend it to read an url which would request a non-existing adress) :

this url is added to the list.

For each url, you get :

  •  Added at : when this url has been requested the first time
  • Requested url : url typed
  • Redirect to : url to redirect from incorrect url
  • Count : how many times this url has been requested

Click on a row to edit url :


From here, you can :

  • delete url
  • Set a redirection for this url in “redirect to” field : you must fill a relative url (without your domain name)

If you set a redirection, a Magento rewrite url rule is created. You can view this redirection clicking on the link.